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Technical Support

Windows 10: Sound Recorder is not found using the LTK Sound Test Program
Microsoft changed the name to Voice Recorder in Windows 10. To access this program, type Voice
Recorder in the Windows search box and hit Enter.

VISTA problem with mapped network drives:

You have 2 choices, as documented here:

Here's what we tested and it works:

Do this on each LTK Student PC running VISTA:
  1. Run regedit
  2. Find the key KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
  3. Set LmCompatibilityLevel to 1
  4. Reboot the PC
  5. Rerun the LTK setup program.

LTK Demonstration
  • Problem: Error code 75 Path/File Access Error when running the LTK Demonstration program.
    Solution: This error occurs when a Windows user does not have administrator rights. The LTK
    demonstration program requires administrator rights to perform the installation and cannot be run
    by another Windows user on the same PC.

Common Problems (LTK Versions 7.x and earlier):  

  • Problem: Error message: Schomenu (or Homemenu or Kidsmenu) caused a General Protection
    Fault in Module VTSSDLL.DLL at 0004:0260 when attempting to print to an HP printer.
    Solution: HP has created new interfaces that support Windows® Vista® operating systems for
    their printers. Their drivers that support both XP and Vista cause this error on XP systems but
    work fine on Vista systems. To eliminate the error, add your existing printer a 2nd time to the
    LTK Student PC. Then change the driver for it (do this by selecting the printer
    Properties/Advanced). Change the driver to HP 4P or to HP 4. Then change this printer to be your
    Default printer. You can now select any printer when printing LTK reports.

  • Problem: I can't hear what's been recorded using the LTK® Record button.
  • Problem: The LTK screen is incompleteit appears that only the upper left portion of the screen
    is being displayed.
    Solution: Change your Windows Font Size to "Small Fonts (96 dpi)". This is done by right-clicking
    your mouse on the Windows screen, then select Properties/Settings/Advanced.

  • Problem: Message "Invalid Dynamic link to DLL File." is received when LTK is started. This
    situation is rare and occurs on a small number of PCs sold since March, 1996 that have Windows
    98/Me pre-installed. The cause of the problem is related to installing the OEM version of Windows
    Solution: To resolve this problem, re-install Windows 98/Me on your hard disk, or upgrade to a
    newer version of Windows. To access the Microsoft® Web site for a detailed technical description,
    go here.

  • Problem: "I forgot the admin password needed to log on to LTK For Schools."
    Solution: Download the rescue.exe program to your Ltk\Exe directory. When you run the rescue.
    exe program, point it to your LTK Student database, Ltk\Db\Ltk.Mdb.

  • Problem: Message "Cannot find VBRUN300.DLL…" during program installation.
    Solution: Run the Setup program from the LTK\Exe directory of the LTK CD-ROM.

  • Problem: Message "Incompatible Database Version" is received when LTK is started.
    Solution: Copy the file named VBDB300.DLL from the LTK\EXE directory of your CD-ROM to
    your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Then restart Windows.

  • Problem: On certain IBM® Adaptiva® PCs, LTK appears to "hang up" the PC when it starts. The
    problem is in the software that communicates between your video card and Windows.
    Solution: Call IBM and acquire an updated version of the video driver software for your video
    card. Or, you may go to the IBM Adativa Technical Support Web site to download the updated

  • Problem: Error message "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not
    suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. Or, you may receive a message that
    says Windows cannot run 16-bit applications. Choose 'close' to terminate the application."
    The message may also state a problem with either of the files named 'CONFIG.NT' or 'COMMAND.
    Solution: You are missing one or both of the following files in your Windows\System32 folder:
    Config.nt and Autoexec.nt. To fix this problem, click  here. Run this DosMessage.exe program and
    then select the UnZip button to save the files in your Windows\System32 folder.

  • Problem: My computer is not able to read the LTK CD-ROM.
    Solution: If your PC is more than 5 years old, your CD-ROM drive may not be able to read CD-
    ROMs that are burned by another PC. All of our CD-ROMs are burned (not stamped by a
    vendor). To resolve this problem you will need to replace your CD-ROM drive with a newer one.
    They usually cost about $30.00 at any computer store.

  • Problem: On Windows Vista® systems, the LTK icons do not display properly
    Solution: This is normal operation and is based on a decision made by Microsoft®. If you are
    using the Windows Vista Enterprise version, the LTK icons will display properly.

  • Problem: Installation Error message using Windows 98 “LoadLibrary(C:
    \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\Mh3dGauge.ocx) failed.  GetLastError returns 0x0000001f."
    Solution: Upgrade your version of Internet Explorer to version 5 or later.
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