How Do I Get an Orton-Gillingham Approach Dyslexia Training?​

Instruction in the Orton-Gillingham methodology is available at very few colleges and universities today. There are some 2-day courses available in an Orton-Gillingham approach dyslexia training that basically skim over the concepts and some offer printed materials to augment the challenges associated with teaching students with learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia.

Originally, Orton-Gillingham was taught in a year-long course at a Boston college. Since then many organizations have come into being that provide this training in periods ranging from 30 to 400 hours. Costs can reach thousands of dollars per student. They can be easily found by searching the Internet.

How Do I Get an Orton-Gillingham Approach Dyslexia Training?​

Since the Orton-Gillingham methodology is so difficult to master, it is well-suited as a software application. The logic and sequence of instruction can be programmed so that the tutor/teacher can focus on the student’s progress and difficulties rather than on issuing the basic instruction.

The difficulty of teaching to multiple students, each at a different reading level, can be easily overcome with computer-assisted instruction. This is where the Language Tune-up Kit truly excels!

All instruction is provided by a prerecorded human voice, so students can interact with the software just as they would with a tutor or teacher. Concepts are taught in small “chunks” and multiple types of multisensory exercises are provided so that students achieve mastery in each of the program’s 87 lessons.

Students begin the program at their current reading level, based on the built-in placement test. Teachers, students, and administrators can determine how each student is progressing and spot areas of difficulty using the 4 levels of reports available. This saves teachers from having to document each student’s situation and progress, saving many hours of their own valuable time.

Our concept is to focus on teaching the student, freeing the teacher to create a welcoming learning environment.

Dr. Samuel Orton​